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Where can you use concrete?

Concrete countertops can be used indoors and outdoors. It is for the home and for businesses.  Applications include, but are not limited to: kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor kitchens, tables, fire pits, fire tables, backsplashes, benches, hearths, as furniture or accent pieces.  

Are concrete countertops heavy? How much do they weigh?

Our countertops are average 15 pounds per sqft.  This is relatable to to granite of the same thickness. No special considerations need to be taken into account for cabinetry.  If additional support for a large overhang is needed we can advise on that when we discuss the project details.

How long does it take to make concrete countertops?

In general, it will take approximately 3-4 weeks to complete your project.  Size and complexity of a job can effect this. This timeline begins once all the details are finalized in writing and templating has been completed, as adjustments may need to be made for any special circumstances.  The main factor that determines this is curring time.  Concrete needs to cure properly to assure structrual strength and for the sealer to work properly.  I believe this trade is an artform and rushing a project can cause undesired results with the longevity and beauty of your pieces. No Rushing.

Are concrete countertops durable? Will they chip or crack?

Your concrete is not likely to chip unless it is struck with a blunt object, particularly at corners and edges.  Chips in concrete can be repaired if such an accident occurs.

Our countertops will not develop structural cracks if everything is done correctly. Our countertops come with a warranty protecting you from this unlikely event.

Small hairline cracks can form overtime as your concrete ages.  These are not a structural concern and are part of the inherint qualities of the material.  Modern mix designs and techniques are used to keep this at a minimum.

Can I put hot pans directly on the concrete?

No. The concrete will be okay in most cases, High temperatures can effect the sealer causing staining in that area over time.  The use of trivets as a barrier is recommended.  Consider having us add integrated trivets into your work surfaces. 

Can I cut directly on the countertop?

No.  Cutting directly on the concrete is bad for the sealer and your cutlery.  You usually will not see the damage immediately from cutting on it, but the protective sealer will now allow food and liquids to penetrate at that spot causing staining.  Use a cutting board of your choosing to prevent this.

How large can you make a single piece?

The largest pieces we fabricate for a solid top is around 8' x 4'. Anything larger will have a seam, other factors do play a part in deciding where seams need to be placed and may be required for your application.  Moving the piece safely, fitting through hallways and doorways and other factors must be taken into consideration.  All seams are approved by the customer prior to begining of fabrication.  At installation, seams will be tight, no larger than 1/8" and will be filled and color matched to minimize the appearance.

Do you need to template for concrete countertops?

Templating is an essential part of your project. Not only does templating assure a proper fit, but it also provides the chance to avoid potential problems by inspecting the jobsite. Can we get it in the house and to the area it belongs?  Is that electrical box in the way? ...  A checklist is provided prior to scheduling to ensure we can move forward in a timely matter.  

Click Here to see the checklist that will be provided.

Other projects outside of countertops may not need physical templates made, but a site visit will still be completed to plan properly for your project.  

What is the maintenance needed for concrete countertops?

No ongoing care is needed if the care instructions are followed.  All of or products are sealed with quality, high performance sealers and tested prior to installing.  Most of the times that I have been to a home to sand and reseal it was due to neglect or improper care over time.  If you have someone helping to clean your home, you should definetly share the care instructions with them.  Otherwise, there is no scheduled time period for additional sealer.

Do concrete countertops stain?

Our concrete products are sealed with what we feel to be the best available products on the market. Concrete is porous and has to be sealed and maintained. If you follow a few simple maintenance steps and through common sense kitchen cleanup, your countertops will stay in great condition for a lifetime.  Care and maintenance information is provided with your purchase and is also available HERE on our website.

How do you clean concrete countertops?

Regular care with a non abrasive cloth along with some mild soap and water is all that you need to keep it clean.

How much do concrete countertops cost?

Your average kitchen countertop project comes in at about $100 per square foot of finished surfaces.  But, price can vary by project.  Complicated shapes reiquire complicated formwork, pigment prices vary by color, installation  for larger freestanding pieces may take longer and need more people and customized details all play a role in pricing. Each project will have an itemized estimate showing what the cost breakdown is for your custom project.

How do I get an estimate?

Gather up the information needed for an estimate and send it my way.  Click here for a guide to help you understand what is needed to make an accurate estimate so you can plan accordingly.

What colors are available for concrete countertops?

Any Color! We start you out with some standard color options to help simplify things, but slmost any color can be matched to produce the look and feel you want.  If samples of our concrete in a specific color are needed, there is a $150 deposit to do so.  This deposit goes towards your project and may take up to 2 weeks to produce to accomidate shipping the pigments and processing the samples.

Do you have a question or concern that is not found on this page?

Do not hesitate to reach out for the answer you need.

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